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No Man?s Sky Update: New Features In Day One Patch Announced By Sean Murray

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No Man's Sky update

Next week, gamers will be playing No Man?s Sky on PS4 and PCs, and Sean Murray has made a special announcement for the game?s day one patch. On his Twitter account, Murray confirmed that the team at Hello Games is working on the future update for the game that will bring balancing changes, bug fixes and ?lots of new features.?

Studio founder Murray shared a photograph which shows the team working on the No Man’s Sky?update. Murray confirmed the arrival of the update, and it is expected to be available on the day of the game?s launch. However, he did not share any information about the new features and content of the game.

Recently, the developer tried to warn people to refrain from seeing gameplay footages of the leaked copy so they will can enjoy the game themselves. A player has shared game footages which show that he has reached the center of the galaxy, which is the main goal of every No Man?s Sky player. After watching some of those videos, many players started claiming that Murray did not deliver on his promise.

On a Reddit thread, a fan tried to clear the air by making a sensible post regarding the situation. The fan asked his fellow players to understand the game?s development cycle since many features are subject to change considering the game?s long development. The changes can be about adding or removing something from the system, which is what Hello Games has reportedly done.

No matter how fans react when No Man?s Sky launches on PS4 and PC next week, the latest information shared by Murray is certainly a relief to those who want more content for the game. The developer seems to be working hard as the update patch is almost ready this early.

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