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No Man?s Sky Update: New Feature Confirmed In First Major Update?

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No Man?s Sky Update

A major update for No Man?s Sky is on the way, and it will include new music for the game. The first content update for the game is coming soon, and according to sound?designer Paul Weir, the new content update will include new music?for the game.

Weir also mentioned the blue filter while discussing No Man?s Sky update. On Twitter, he confirmed that players will get to hear new audio soon “in the first content update”.?

Hello Games has not shared any specific details, but it seems that the company might release the new update with a lot of new content. The game already has procedurally generated music so it remains to be seen what exactly the new music is for. Maybe Hello Games will add a new song selection when players are tinkering with the upcoming base building and freighter? We’ll have to wait to find out.?

Update Date

It seems Hello Games still?hasn’t finalized when they will include the new music. However, there’s still hope for the major to come out soon as Weir said the new music will be patched-in as soon as possible.

Fans are very excited about the next No Man?s Sky update. According to them, the feature Hello Games promised and didn?t deliver should be available in the new update along with the new content. Fans believe that the game will be great again, and the faith Hello Games has been expecting from players would be restored with the new update release.

Hello Games has not confirmed when the new No Man?s Sky update will arrive. The company has already released some updates for both the PS4 and PC platforms, but no additional content for the game was given to the players after the launch. Now that the game is more than a month old, we hope that the update release would take place sometime next month.

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