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No Man’s Sky Update: What We Know So Far About Land Vehicles

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Exploration is the main focus in No Man?s Sky, and with its vast planets plus a huge universe to explore, it seems like a pretty daunting task. Luckily, there is a selection of vehicles to choose from in the game. Air and space exploration is already covered by starships, but land exploration is done only by walking or running. Considering how slow the character moves and how quick his stamina depletes, players are left looking for a land vehicle to go along with the planets, and it might come in the next No Man?s Sky update.

Considering how long traversing planets on foot takes, it?s likely that Hello Games might add land vehicles in No Man?s Sky sometime soon. For starters, those who bought special editions of the game that come with an art book can see that part of the concept art where it features a an ATV, which is obviously for exploring the harsh terrain of the planets. This, added with land vehicles confirmed to be part of the game, is a very promising sign that Hello Games is indeed planning on making land exploration a bit easier in the title.

Fans are expecting all-terrain vehicles or ATVs to be included in the game considering how most of the planets feature small hills and even cliffs. If not an ATV, a hovercraft could also be a good addition to the game. If land vehicles do become part of the game through a No Man?s Sky update, players can expect faster ways to travel planets from then on.

For now, players will have to stick with travelling on foot in planets, but there are a few ways to make it faster. For starters, it?s very easy to get around a planet using the starship. This is particularly useful in areas that have long distances in between them. Simply fly low to make it easier — that is until the No Man?s Sky update for land vehicles arrives.

There?s also an exploit that combines the speed of both sprinting and a jetpack to make running faster. Here?s our No Man?s Sky guide for making travelling on foot significantly easier in the game.

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