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No Man?s Sky Update: Hello Games Working On Something Big?

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No Man's Sky update

Hello Games? No Man?s Sky has easily become one of this year?s biggest disappointments. Thanks to the game?s lackluster release copy, many fans have decided to either refund or no longer purchase the game. Those who still have the game have been hearing less from the developer. Some believe that the game is stuck as it is but a few signs point that there are still a No Man?s Sky update waiting to happen.

Reddit user?Rehevkor?recently discovered that Hello Games is actually working on the game. The SteamDB page for No Man?s Sky revealed that its internal code branch was updated a few days ago. Its experimental and public branches were also updated more than a week ago.

Hello Games has been pretty quiet these past few weeks and the player base of No Man?s Sky have begun to think whether or not the game is already dead. The recent changes in the game?s SteamDB page reveal the Hello Games is working on a new No Man?s Sky update now. Players are now probably hoping that Hello Games? silence means something big is coming to the game.

What Will The Update Contain?

When it comes to what content the No Man?s Sky update will have, the possibilities are huge. When the game launched, there were a lot of missing features such as?portals, multiplayer, and more. The game did deliver on creating a vast universe to explore, but that?s as far as it goes. Planets are huge but despite early trailers revealing abundant animal life, planets are often devoid of life. Players are of course, expecting the game they saw from the trailers.

We?re guessing that the game?s next big update will finally introduce base building to the game. It?s a bit weird for Hello Games to keep a tight lip, but we?re wishing for a better No Man?s Sky experience soon.

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