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No Man’s Sky Update: Hello Games Working On Fixing Known Issues and Bugs

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No Man's SKy

Developer Hello Games is working on a No Man?s Sky update to fix bugs in the game. On the game?s official website, there?s a new support page for the game. Hello Games confirmed that the team is aware of the game?s issues on PS4, and the developer will release a patch to address some of them.

Ahead of the No Man?s Sky PC release, the company added a support page for players to discuss the issues they have been facing in the new game. The company said that a PS4 patch is coming soon and the update will address the most common issues on the console.

Being very honest about their progress on the No Man?s Sky update, Hello Games told fans that the studio cannot give an estimated time frame. The indie developer, however, is working to fix the problems, and it seems that the company might do them soon.

Hello Games is also asking fans to share the problems they are facing. The official statement by the company asks fans to send detailed information about the bugs so that the studio can work on them. The studio is also curious to know the workarounds players have tried and those that successfully fixed some of the problems.

?We are aware of a few different issues reported by our community that we are working on a patch for,? said the developer in the official statement.

Hello Games also said that some of the players might be having issues with the pre-order content. Those who are trying to redeem the special items may not be able to see them because the items have different names in the game.

The Alpha Vector ship, which is a pre-order item, is called Domanish S84 in No Man?s Sky. Another item, the Rezosu AZ65, is called Final Shadow XIV in the US. Those who are dealing with problems can directly contact the technical support team of Hello Games.

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