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No Man’s Sky Update: Gameplay Features That Need Improvement ASAP

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No Man's Sky

Even before it launched, Hello Games? No Man?s Sky generated buzz throughout the gaming community, thanks to the developer?s ambitions. The game does deliver in creating a vast universe to explore, but there are some who argue that the game fails to live up to all of its promises. Despite its somewhat impressive run, we can point out a few gameplay features that need a little upgrading to make the promising shooter way better than it is now.

Shared Universe

Time and time again, Hello Games and Sean Murray have reminded players that No Man?s Sky isn?t a multiplayer game, though coming across other players is possible. However, due to the very large universe and possibly multiple servers on a single platform, the chances of it happening are second to none. Less than a day after the game launched, two players managed to cross paths with each other, and to their disappointment, they weren?t able to see each other despite being in exactly the same area. Hello Games needs to upgrade their ?shared universe? to give players the actual feeling of coming across each other.

Planets Aren?t Teeming With Life

Early gameplay videos of No Man?s Sky show how planets are filled with weird animals and creatures. This isn?t the case in the full game as planets are mostly barren except for harvesting points and plants. It gets pretty dull after a while, and fans are expecting a lot of creatures in not herds roaming around in the planets.

NPCs Need More Life

Out in space, the player isn?t actually alone as the vast galaxy is shared along with NPCs. Adding NPCs are good and all, but the problem is they?re too dull and static. They don?t do or say much or even add any flavor to the game. Most of the time, it feels like we?re still alone despite being near NPCs. What Hello Games could do is improve the AI to make sure they interact with the player so things don?t get boring and lonesome fast.

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