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No Man’s Sky Update: Freighter Captains To Give New Missions [Rumor]

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No Man's Sky Update

The No Man?s Sky Foundation update?has brought about NPCs that give hints of future quests or missions. Currently, the game doesn?t bind or encourage players to always go to the center of the universe. Will the Freighter Captains or other NPCs after the new No Man?s Sky update give new missions?


According to MacForADay?s thread?on the No Man?s Sky?subreddit, the Freighter Captain NPCs tease of quests in the future No Man?s Sky update. Interacting with the Freighter Captain reveals that he doesn?t trust you yet as you just bought the ship. You may need to do these quests to make him a little more friendly or for rewards like upgrades and items.

Questing in No Man?s Sky

Currently, linear questlines and exploration aren?t the focus of the Hello Games’ title. Players are free to hop from planet to planet to chart them or take resources. Like most survival crafting games, No Man?s Sky thrives on letting the players enjoy their ?freedom of choice within the game?s limits. However, rewards through quests in a future No Man?s Sky update may allow Hello Games to let players enjoy some unique storytelling from them.

Atlas Stones and Black Holes

Rewarded interactions are limited in No Man?s Sky. At best, interacting with Priest Entity Nada for Atlas exploration help and Specialist Polo?s progression rewards in the Space Anomalies are few. Players must take it upon themselves to meet their requirements if they want to receive ?rewards as they do not get registered on a quest log.

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Game Lore

Since No Man?s Sky has introduced unique alien civilizations and creatures, some players may be interested in knowing more of these characters. Potentially, Hello Games may just introduce optional quests to allow players to get even more acquainted with the alien civilization culture. However, Hello Games already have the Obelisks found on the game?s planets to understand a little of the game?s lore and even the alien language.

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