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No Man’s Sky Update: Faction Wars Feature Teased In Patch 1.09?

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It?s a fact that Hello Games is working on something for No Man?s Sky. We?ve yet to know what the next patch will bring, but a few players are pretty keen on uncovering the details of the next patch. With the recent No Man?s Sky update?1.09 hitting PS4, Hello Games might be paving the way for faction wars to be added in the game.

Redditor Jermseatsbrains recently posted a screenshot of what looks to be an affinity rating for No Man?s Sky. Even now, players can raise or lower their standings with the different races in No Man?s Sky. However, there?s no exact value given on the players? current standing with the specific race.

The image reveals that the player is currently a ?partner? to the Gek. His standing with the race is valued at 25. If the next No Man?s Sky update does feature specific values for standings, then it?ll be definitely easier to manage affinities with the races.

Faction Wars Teased?

The possible upgrade to the game?s affinity could be hinting that faction wars might be coming to the game soon. It?s one of the features?Hello Games showed before in previews but was missing?at launch. Basically, faction wars will make travels a bit more interesting. Players will also have to face the troubles of siding with factions and engaging?across any opposing race.?

Factions also felt more substantial in earlier previews by Hello Games. Players could also ask?factions to accompany them in outer space to help fend off space pirates.

The next update for No Man?s Sky that Hello Games is working on might be bigger than expected. The developer has been quiet for some time now. If not for a few players, we wouldn?t have known that the game isn?t dead yet.

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