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No Man?s Sky Update: Faction Wars Coming Soon?

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No Man's Sky Update

Recently, Hello Games revealed the things that it is currently working on for No Man?s Sky. Aside from a few bug fixes and some minor gameplay tweaks, the next update will also have bigger space battles. Could bigger space battles mean that the anticipated Faction Wars is also part of the No Man?s Sky Update?

Massive Space Battles

The highlight of the next No Man?s Sky update is definitely the big space battles. In the current version of the game, players can witness space battles in the form of starships fighting each other. At times, it would be the player being attacked by other starships. When the next update comes, players will be able to see these space battles but in a more massive manner.

Based on what Hello Games is teasing, it?s possible that the big space battles will be between fleets of freighters and starships. It?s definitely an exciting sight to see in the game and it would be even better if players have the chance to partake in these space battles.?

Before the game’s launch, Hello Games also said players can choose which faction they can side with in space battles. Sadly, this feature is still absent in the current build of the game. It’s possible the next patch is paving the way for this feature to be included.

When the Foundation update launched, No Man?s Sky players had the opportunity to build bases and purchase huge ships called freighters. With a freighter, NPCs and a starship of their own, players basically have a small fleet to command. Will the massive space battles bring in a more in-depth Faction system in the game?

Faction Wars Possibly Coming Soon

Players can interact with quite a few alien races in No Man?s Sky. In the current version, players can change their standing with the races based on what they respond to them. A better standing allows players to get better items from species of that race. It?s a poor faction system that Hello Games needs to improve as it does barely anything when it comes to gameplay.

When the next No Man?s Sky update comes and it brings the promised ?bigger space battles,? Hello Games could also include a more in-depth faction system which would allow players to join in wars and side with factions.

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