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No Man’s Sky Update: What To Expect In The Latest Patch

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No Man's Sky

A player recently received a reply from Hello Games support regarding his concerns about the performance of the PC version of No Man?s Sky. As promised, a new patch for the PC and PS4 version was released, but no patch notes have arrived yet, so we can?t determine the exact changes in the game. Sean Murray also released a few tweets regarding the update, which is also coming to the PS4 version of the game soon. Here?s what to expect from the upcoming No Man?s Sky update.

Stability And Performance Issue Fixes

In his tweets, Sean Murray said that the patch is geared towards fixing the PC version of the game; which is a bit of a disaster. With the new update, PC players should expect better performance from the game PS4 players should expect a few stability fixes as well including some that removes exploits and glitches from the game.

A Fix To The Shared Universe

A couple of days ago, two players met in No Man?s Sky but weren?t able to see each other despite being in the same place at the same time. Hello Games pointed to server issues as the main culprit for the error and it?s likely that it will fix the servers to assure that players actually have the chance to bump into each other.

Readying For More Features?

The game launched with a lot of missing features that were promised by Hello Games before. Sean Murray teased in his tweets that there?s ?a lot more? in the update than just the fixes. Fans are probably hoping that this No Man?s Sky update is a step in slowly picking up the pieces of the somewhat incomplete title.

There are a lot of anticipated features by fans, some of the most demanded ones are land vehicles and an overhaul to the game?s static AI. Many are hoping that Hello Games will prioritize these features above all else.

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