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No Man’s Sky Update: Why Sony Might Revive The Game At E3 2017

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No Man's Sky Update
Source: No Man’s Sky – Launch Trailer | PS4 video

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has certainly bombed their release last 2016 as they failed to deliver on most of their promised game features. However, Sony might give No Man’s Sky another shot at E3 2017. Here’s what we know about the chances for a turnaround No Man’s Sky update at E3 2017.

Promise to Improve

After the game’s failure, Hello Games and Sony remained hopeful that No Man’s Sky will eventually become the game it aspired to be. Hello Games definitely added new features like land-based vehicles and base building in the No Man’s Sky Foundation and Pathfinder updates. According to a Eurogamer interview, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida admitted disappointment over flak towards No Man’s Sky, but he still believes in the game’s potential.

Sony America CEO Shawn Layden also expresses the same sentiments in an interview with Geoff Keighley. Overall, Sony was disappointed with the title but haven’t entirely disowned it.

E3 2017 Appearance

For now, a No Man’s Sky appearance at E3 2017 is highly unlikely as both Sony and Hello Games barely talk about the title updates on Twitter and Facebook this June 2017.  However, Hello Games said last month that they are still working on improvements for No Man’s Sky.

The developers have shifted away from public appearances to make more No Man’s Sky content. We might just not been silence from the developers since they’re focused on making new No Man’s Sky content. Additionally, players have found some hints that Hello Games could add-in some promised features that were unavailable at launch.

As for Sony’s side, they might release the next No Man’s Sky update during their E3 show. The first Foundation update was released last December 2016 and was followed by the Pathfinder update (March 2017) three months later. Since E3 starts in June, it’s timely for another announcement regarding No Man’s Sky in a show.

Missing Features

So far, Hello Games still has some broken promises to make up in No Man’s Sky. Unique creature AI, sudden freighter arrivals, and a deeper space politics between alien races are yet to be seen in-game. However, No Man’s Sky added features are enough to make players build the universe on their own. The new vehicles does fill up a significant amount of space in No Man’s Sky’s universe. Additionally, base-building could be good enough for players to artificially populate planets on their own.

Hello Games just needs to make every piece of content to feel connected in the next update to be a large game. For now, we’ll have to wait for Sony’s E3 show to see if Hello Games shows their face for a No Man’s Sky update.

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