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No Man?s Sky Update: Developers To Fix Bug Revealed In Leaked Game Copy?

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No Man's Sky Update
No Man’s Sky Update

The much anticipated space adventure game No Man?s Sky is only a few days to release but apparently fans are freaking out over whether the game will live up to its built-up hype.

Apparently fans are worried by the recent revelations by a Reddit user daymeeuhn who claimed that the centre of No Man’s Sky’s much-touted, massive universe can be reached in just 20-30 hours.

Besides posting spoiler-laden footage of the game?s PS4 version on Dailymotion, including the opening sequence and about 24 minutes of gameplay, daymeeuhn followed up with a post about a “game-breaking bug” that he says allows players to make their way to the centre of the universe much faster than expected.

Fans of the No Man?s Sky are pretty upset over the getting their expectations shattered?as developer Hello Games had promised hours and hours of gameplay in the procedurally generated deterministic open universe.

However, in a latest news the game developers are already said to be working on a first major update to the game that will certainly solve many of the game?s problems. No Man’s Sky creative director and studio founder Sean Murray confirmed that the team is already finishing work on the game?s first big patch that is said to include ?lots of new features, balancing and content?.

?5am at Hello Games,? Murray tweeted on 3 August. ?Wrapping up a month of work on our first update. Lots of new features, balancing and content.?

However, he did not specify when players can expect the upcoming patch or the changes it will include. Obviously the patch would be to fix the bug that the Reddit gamer mentioned and as well include some new features so as to extend the gameplay much more than it currently turned out to be.

In addition, PlayStation released a new description about the four elements of the game. The four pillars of gameplay – exploration, survival, combat and trading may seem rather confusing so you can instead check out our strategy to get through the game.

No Man?s Sky Soundtrack

Meanwhile, fans itching to play the game may have to wait a little longer but now listen to the soundtrack, which has been made available in its entirety online. The game’s soundtrack was created by experimental rock band 65daysofstatic which signed on to make the music after they were approached to license one of their tracks for a trailer.

The band revealed that they created two forms of music; the more traditional ?song-based? structured record (new 65DOS album) and a series of soundscapes made up from components of those songs that are procedurally played out in-game. The game soundtrack will be released on 5th August and is available to pre-order on Double CD, Double Vinyl, Deluxe Quadruple Vinyl and Digital Download.

No Man?s Sky is set to release on 9 August in the US and on 10 August in the UK and Europe for PS4. The PC version is expected to be released worldwide on 12 August.

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