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No Man’s Sky Update: Big Day One Patch Confirmed?

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No Man's Sky

Nearly every No Man?s Sky forum is filled to the brim with discussions and debates about the leaked copy of the game as well as the leaked footages. The first impression by the lucky player who bagged the leaked copy for a hefty price sounded quite disappointing for a game with such hype behind it. Bugs and gameplay woes seem to affect the game, but this could also mean that Hello Games may have a huge Day One patch in store for August 9.

There are several things wrong with the game, according to the leaker. For starters, the game has a few bugs, some of which not only affects the game?s visuals but the performance as well. Perhaps the biggest issue with the game, according to the player, is with regard to how quick he reached the center of the galaxy, which was expected to be a daunting task.

With all the problems in the game, it?s very possible that Hello Games has a huge Day One patch in store for players. For those unfamiliar with the term, Day One patches are updates that coincide with the game?s release. These include an array of tweaks to the game ranging from bug fixes to performance enhancements.

No Man?s Sky reached gold status a few weeks back, meaning it?s already a finished game. It?s surprising that the leaker was able to point out so many flaws with the game. It?s likely that Hello Games might?ve overlooked the apparent issues. The leaker revealed his first impressions a couple of days ago, so Hello Games has less than a few days left to create a Day One patch, if it hasn?t yet.

Players are wishing for Atlas Stones to be nerfed first as it?s the culprit in what makes No Man?s Sky very easy to beat. The early player was able to reach the center of the galaxy in less than 30 hours.

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