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No Man?s Sky Update and Upcoming DLC To Suffice The Player’s Needs?

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No Man?s Sky Update

Apparently, the No Man?s Sky update had managed to fix a ton of bugs. In addition to bugs, it also helps recover the corrupted saves of the players. The latest patch could be the turning point of the game.

No Man?s Sky Update Changes

The latest update for the game includes a fix for both severe and minor bugs. Apparently, Hello Games confidently announced the new update, as it fixes a lot. Hello Games has released the update this week.

The latest update is supposed to fix bugs that are currently plaguing the game. Apparently, the update may help the game more playable. However, the lack of content is what made the game a failure.

No Man?s Sky Update

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It brought the game version to 1.09 for Windows PC and PlayStation 4. Moreover, the No Man?s Sky update might be an indication of more upcoming patches. However, will it be enough to win back the massive loss of players?

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Throwback of What Happened

To begin with, No Man?s Sky was played by more or less 200,000 players during the launch. Players were so hyped about the game advertised by Sean Murray. Eventually, the player base has dropped dramatically all of a sudden.

Furthermore, a massive amount of players hated the game. After some time in the game, players eventually demanded a refund. The game was hated so much that the President of Sony criticized it himself.

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Upcoming DLC?

Apparently, Sean Murray is aware of the game?s problem himself. He made some statements regarding some features. He stated that there will be an option to build bases and construct ships via DLCs.

However, Murray is currently focusing on customer support. In the meantime, the game is currently being played by less than 2,000 players. Players say that they might as well build a new game. For more information about the upcoming No Man?s Sky Update, stay tuned at TheBitBag.

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