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No Man’s Sky Update: 3 Ways Hello Games Has Improved Since The Foundation Update

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No Man's Sky Update
No Man’s Sky Update

After the Foundation update, Hello Games has continued to improve No Man?s Sky. Players are now currently enjoying the title after months of silence from the developer. There?s definitely a good future ahead for the game at the rate Hello Games is going. While we?re all waiting for the next No Man?s Sky update, it?s worth commending how Hello Games has changed since the Foundation update.

More Vocal

Hello Games is definitely more vocal this time around. A few weeks after the release of No Man?s Sky, fans didn?t hear from the developer for a really long time. After failing to deliver most of the promised features in the game, Hello Games went under the radar up until it released the biggest No Man?s Sky update to date. With the good reception the game is garnering, Hello Games has communicated more with fans. ?It even reached out to the game?s subreddit moderators?that patch notes will be released before the new game updates go live.?

Bigger Team

For such a big game, Hello Games had a really small team. This is probably the reason why there are a lot of missing features in the game. The developer is looking to expand the team?as the company is now hiring for a writer, QA Tester, Experienced Programmer, and a Graduate Programmer. It?s likely that we?ll be seeing faster and better work from Hello Games with a slightly bigger team at the helm of the game.

Fighting Spirit

We can definitely commend Hello Games for having an undying dedication to the game. Gamasutra placed Hello Game as one of the top 10 game developers in 2016 as they commended the studio for sticking with the game despite the threats it received from the community. “Instead of letting these sizable challenges?defeat it, Hello instead listened to?legitimate criticisms, put its?nose to the grindstone, and recently released the expansive ‘Foundation Update,’ which, along with smaller, frequent updates,?has since helped nudge the conversation around No Man?s Sky to be about actually playing and enjoying No Man?s Sky,” wrote Gamasutra.?

Now the developer is continuously making the game better, and it’s possible it won?t take long before the game is finally at its best. There are definitely more things being planned by Hello Games, and with the developer being more active, we couldn?t be more excited.

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