No Man’s Sky Update 2017: What To Expect From Hello Games’ First Patch This Year

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Developer Hello Games really knows how to please their fans as 2017 starts. It is after several reports suggest that a No Man’s Sky update is reportedly in the works. So, without further ado, here are the features you can expect from the patch.

Out In The First Quarter?

Rumors about the next patch started when the internal branch of the game on Steam was recently updated. The last recorded update happened on January 7, 2017. This somehow indicates that developers are already working on a new update which could go live in the first quarter of this year.

Speaking of the rumored update, it is expected to be just a minor patch. It can be recalled that Hello Games updated the internal branch of the game several times before the Foundation Update released. It can be recalled that Hello Games has gone radio silent in mid-September until they released the Foundation update in November.

The Foundation update was an extensive patch as it brought new game modes and several new features. With just a few internal updates we’ve gotten, it’s possible the patch is just a minor one. If it’s a major patch, it’ll probably take long before the update rolls out.

If the next No Man’s Sky update is a minor patch, it is safe to say that it would only deal with minor issues. It would probably fix several bugs and in-game problems.

But, there are speculations that land vehicles are coming soon in the game and it might actually be included in the upcoming patch. On a bad note, there is really no way to confirm that. Gamers should expect more details to come out soon so be sure to stay tuned here on The Bitbag.

Explorer’s Edition

Meanwhile, PowerUpGaming reported that gamers seem to be receiving their Explorer’s Edition already. In several posts on social media, the outlet noted that five months after the game’s release, the $150 collector’s edition is now available.

The Explorer’s edition has a PC game code, a hard-enamel traveller pin and a diorama display background. Also, the Explorer’s edition comes with a hand-painted, cast metal ship replica, an Atlas traveller’s log and a Fisher Space pen.

There you have it! Some key details about the upcoming No Man’s Sky update. When do you think it will go live? Do you also believe it is just a minor patch? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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