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No Man?s Sky Update 1.09: Stacking Exploit Removed; Bug Fixes And All Changes Found In Latest Patch

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No Man?s Sky

Hello Games has released No Man?s Sky update 1.09, which has brought many changes and fixes to the game. The giant update,?which is 733MB in size, has fixed many bugs and has also removed the stacking exploit. Though the update just rolled out and Hello Games has not released official patch notes on its official website, those who have downloaded the patch confirm that the update log simply says ?bug fixes? in it.

The new No Man?s Sky update reportedly addressed the stacking exploit, but fans want all the items to be stackable due to the small inventory slots in the game. After updating the game, players will still be able to keep the existing stacks, but the company has removed the ability to stack up more items. Players suggest for others to stack up before downloading the new patch.

Players also confirmed some improvements in the gameplay. Saving is a lot quicker than before, and the game also looks enhanced in terms of audio and visuals. Players also report that new music can be heard?in this new patch.

Some of the changes reported by the players confirm that there?s no need to hold down any button to upload the discoveries. Before the patch, players were required to hold down the square in order to perform a quick discovery upload.

Another change is with regards to dismantling items. The game previously required players to hold down the triangle button. This is no longer necessary in the No Man’s Sky update 1.09 for the PS4.?

Players on Reddit suggest that finding the last fauna for your discoveries list was difficult. This has now been addressed in the No Man?s Sky update 1.09. This is great news for adventurers who want to accomplish 100 percent discoveries in planets they visit.

Other changes include new textures and more fog and flora designs.?A new visual tweak was also done for player’s affinity with each factions, which might be Hello Games’ teaser for a full-on faction wars feature in the future.?

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