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No Man?s Sky Update 1.09: All Changes For PS4 And PC Detailed By Hello Games

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No Man?s Sky Update 1.09

Hello Games has released the official No Man?s Sky Update 1.09 patch details for PS4 and PC. Players who have been observing changes in the game after downloading the update can now check what?s included in it. From some of the highly anticipated fixes to several improvements in the game features, the patch notes of No Man?s Sky update 1.09 reveal everything in detail.

Recovering the corrupted saved files has been improved, and galaxy generation on PS4 and PC is now more robust than before. Improvements in the Exosuit messaging system are significant as it doesn?t confuse players between ?on planet? and ?docked in station? notifications. On PS4, players also reported that they have experienced improved frame rate in No Man?s Sky. Hello Games confirmed that frame rate has been improved when scanning outposts and space stations.

The No Man?s Sky Update 1.09 also addresses the item stacking issues players reported. With the new update, Hello Games has brought fixes for the stacking exploit. Now the resources are placed normally. Additionally, the developer also fixed the exosuit and starship messaging system to display the right number of resources.

Changes and improvements in the discovery menu system are significant as the problems of incorrectly displayed creatures and planet names no longer exist. According to Hello Games, they have also added support for planets that feature more than 15 creatures. Such planets can now reach 100 percent completion, the developer confirmed.

Players will no longer be able to buy multiple products if they do not have empty slots available. The company has also fixed problems with language support and texts. The names and titles are now appearing perfectly for all the languages, Hello Games added.

Some more changes detailed by Hello Games include improvements to the options menu where the studio has added more advanced settings for mouse smoothing and gamma settings to increase shadow effects. On PS4, Hello Games has fixed issues of FPS spike that have been frustrating fans. The full patch notes are also available on the developer?s official website.

The new No Man?s Sky update 1.09 is more about improvements and fixes for the game. Hello Games is also hinting a major content update which might?arriving soon. However, the studio hasn?t confirmed anything about the content drop, but it has confirmed that the update is in the works.

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