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No Man?s Sky: Unexplained Gameplay Features You Should Know

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No Man?s Sky

No Man?s Sky has some gameplay features that are barely explained in the game. Even Hello Games has not highlighted some of them prior to the launch of this highly anticipated game of the year. From upgrades to in-game items, the game?s vast universe features many gameplay mechanics that can only be known by tinkering all the nooks and crannies in the game

Upgrades Add-Up

Way back, Hello Games suggested that arranging multi-tool and ship upgrades will have a huge impact on the gameplay. As No Man?s Sky has now been released, players are now aware that Hello Games was specifically talking about the multi-tool, exosuit and ship upgrades as each of them has slots where players can place upgrades. What some players don?t know is that upgrades for each kind can stack, meaning you can have multiple ones to boost its effectivity.

Upgrade Positioning

There?s an advantage if you place your upgrades side-by-side or in one line. Placing the upgrade to its main component enables that part to work to its maximum potential. You will know that you did it right as it will have a colored ring around the upgrade.

Cockpit View

There is no way for players to change their cockpit view in the game, but different ship types affects how much a player can see. According to a Redditor, players should get the ?bubble-style or other seamless models for best visibility.?

Take-off Without Using Fuel

Simply lifting your ship off the ground consumes launch fuel. This is the reason why it is not advisable to do this as travelling from one place to another via ship can quickly drain your fuel resources. However, doing this on a landing pad will not consume resources, so make sure you drop on that spot if you intend on flying back into the sky shortly after.

Pirate Attacks

While flying outerspace, you must be wary of pirate attacks. When you have valuable assets, there is a bigger chance for you to get targeted by pirates. It?s important to have your weapons ready and prepare for battles.

Knowing these gameplay features may help you progress more in the game. They can also enhance your gameplay experience in No Man?s Sky.

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