No Man’s Sky: Top 3 Things That Could Be Happening

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No Man's Sky

Most fans of No Man?s Sky dug up any information they can find when Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray stated on his Twitter account that ?Things are happening!? Murray didn?t follow it up with any official announcement; hence, the information rush from the game?s fanbase. Here are three things that could be happening for the upcoming game.

The Game Has ?Gone Gold?

Fans on the No Man?s Sky Reddit are asking each other what Murray possibly meant with his outburst of ?things happening? on his Twitter page. According to Reddit user Ziros22, the game may have ?gone gold,? meaning the game is actually done and copies are ready to be shipped for its release on August 9. With its release date coming soon, it?s just right for Murray and Hello Games to finish up on development, unless they?re planning another delay for the game. However, there hasn?t been any official announcement of the game being ready for release from Murray or Hello Games, so it might not be what Murray was talking about.

Stores Confirm Stock Schedules and Prepare for No Man?s Sky Release

Despite having no official confirmation of the game being finished, another Reddit thread has shown that some local stores are already setting up stalls for the upcoming August title. As seen on Flaming-Driptray?s thread, a shop already has a stall for the game?s copies, but the display might just be empty cases as the game hasn?t been released yet. It?s possible that these shops may have already confirmed shipment dates of No Man?s Sky stock coming, so they?ve set up these stalls in anticipation for the game.

Earlier Release?

If No Man?s Sky is actually done, it?s possible that Hello Games may want to release it earlier to compensate for the sudden delay news of the upcoming title. However, the wait is just a month now, so it might actually be pointless if it?s what Murray meant with ?Things are Happening!? The game with procedurally generated content will be out on August 9, and fans have since calmed down over the delay. Unless Murray meant another delay in the vague announcement, fans will definitely be thrilled and buy the game soon.

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