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No Man’s Sky Tips: Want To Focus On Combat? Here’s How To Make Money With Weapons

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If?Pokemon GO is the top game right now, very soon, the new action-adventure survival game No Man’s Sky might steal a big chunk of the fans that are currently hunting pocket monsters. The main difference between the two games is that ? while Pokemon GO can be played using Android and iOS devices, the survival game needs Sony?s PS4 or PC.

No Man’s Sky’s PS4 version was?recently launched and the PC version will be unveiled tomorrow. Meanwhile, the game is already available for players to try out. In fact, the?unofficial version of the game has been around for years now.

On that note, if you are a player and would like to focus on the combat, you will be upgrading the weapons and collecting many new munitions. You can also upgrade ships and their built-in weapons. These activities will collectively help in fights — either to defend you from a variety of creatures, animals, ships and aliens, or to initiate a fight, Reddit noted.

In this post, we have jotted down ways to?upgrade your weapons. We have also focused on how to make money playing this game.

No Man?s Sky: How To Upgrade Weapons?

No Man’s Sky players can upgrade the weapons by finding ?blueprints.? Blueprints help in upgrading weapons, ships and suits, to name a few. Hence, you have to make it a priority to collect a lot of them on the way.

Blueprints can be found by exploring planets. Fair enough, ?planets? is just a collective term, but you can check out ruins, caves, or underwater.

To top it off, blueprints can be purchased at the space/trade stations. You can also get it from alien races. Some of the aligned aliens can gift you blueprints. In some case, the blueprints can be forcefully taken from them if they are weaklings.

No Man's Sky

No Man?s Sky: How To Make Money?

When it comes to making money out of the game, as a No Man’s Sky fighter, technically, you will not earn anything, although you might get punished. However, sentinels have the habit of dropping rare resources. If you are lucky and alive, you can sell such resources to earn bucks.

The other sure-shot way to make money is by being a part of the military races. The caveat is that you have to complete the participating missions for them to earn your due. It?s in fact a win-win situation as you can also get support from them when in need.

The other way is to hunt down pirate ships and destroy them. In such cases, pirates will drop the cargo.

The roles can also be reversed. Hence, you can become the pirate and attack the traders. It is worth noting that the No Man?s Sky?s pirate ships are very strong and powerful, so it won?t be an easy battle for sure.

As for lazy bums, you can watch the game unfold by doing nothing, and if you are lucky you can illegally obtain the bounty from the ongoing battle, without the knowledge of the pirates. If they come to know of what happened, you?ll be dead.


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