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No Man’s Sky Tips, Tricks: How To Get Omegon, Other Rare Materials

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No Man?s Sky is a game that requires a lot of material gathering in order to enhance or upgrade the player?s equipment. Omegon or Om, is one of the important materials that is required to upgrade the player?s Ship, Exosuit and Jetpack.

Omegon is an extremely rare dark element. It is a?very powerful substance that is unknown in origin. Players usually spend their fortune for Omegon or other exotic materials. However, there are other ways to gather exotic materials.

There are no known mining locations for Omegon. It is also invisible in the scanner, it glows purple and is floating upon the ground. It can be found on some radioactive planets. Players must create a hole using a grenade launcher beneath the Omegon before extracting it, as it often falls into two pieces and roll even on a flat grounds.

Players can do the Bypass Chip farming method and find the Transmission Towers that are pointing to the crashed ships. Gathering the upgrades from the crashed ships in order to locate the precious resources also works.

Players in No Man?s Sky can also go to the higher tier star systems in order to find a rare loot. However, higher level jump drive technology is required to get to those planets. Players can also tame or feed animals, the animals then will?help?the players from locating rare substances.

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Make an animal happy. To identify if the animal is happy, a smiley face will appear. Players then will need to wait and follow the animal around for about 30 seconds. A magnifying glass waypoint will appear for the players to follow and will lead to a possible exotic substance.

Docile animals that run away from the players can often be fed. Players must walk up to them and when the reticule is over them, hold the button. Players must usually do it twice, once they stop running.

Materials from rubbish ships are also important, just make sure that the inventory slots are free enough to hold the materials. Players can also salvage the old parts of their ships before they move to the new one, do this five times and it will usually give approximately 300 Omegon.

In No Man?s Sky almost every materials are important, players must make sure that they don?t leave anything behind before they transfer ships. Important materials are also shouldn?t be sold.

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