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No Man?s Sky Tips And Tricks: Which Planet Has The Most Rare Resources?

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No Man?s Sky will grant you the freedom of roaming, naming and scavenging the entire galaxy at your disposal, instead of going through the storyline. However, the game has more than 18 Quintillion planets, a lifetime won?t be enough to discover all of that.

No Man?s Sky players should save their time by ignoring some less worthy planets and get straight through the best planets available to accelerate the progression.

In No Man?s Sky, going through an adventure by visiting a lot of planets will give the players a few things to do. Farming is one of them, if the players saved enough money, they will have the choice to upgrade their ships and go farther in the galaxy. Players can also scavenge some materials to save some money.

Most of the planets will require?a certain upgrade in order to reach them, Hyperdrive is one of them. Players must first, build a hyperdrive, of course. Hyperdrive requires 200 pieces of Heridium and Dynamic Resonator.

Once the player has the hyperdrive, a Warp Cell is now the next to the list. A Warp Cell requires 100 pieces of Thamium9 and an Antimatter. After building the hyperdrive, players can now progress throughout the game.

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There will be a few important information that will be displayed whenever the player looks at a certain planet. Let?s start with the best ones, Class B or O, those planets wield the most?of the rarest resources. These are the planets that should be a player?s target.

However, a Warp Reactor Theta upgrade is required in order to access the said planets. ?If the players do not have the said upgrade, look for a Class K or M instead.

Class E however, will require the Warp Reactor Tau. It will wield a few rare resources if the player is lucky. These planets also have the rarest animals and has the most forested areas.

Class K or M are the average systems, players must have the Warp Reactor Sigma and hyperdrive upgrade. These planets are likely to have rare resources given the luck. These planets will also be populated with a lot of lifeforms.

There?s a lot of planets out there in No Man’s Sky, it?s gonna take a while to discover most of them, upgrading the ship and suit must be the first priority.

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