No Man’s Sky Tips: How To Travel On Foot Faster

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Most of your time in No Man?s Sky will probably be spent in the cockpit of your spaceship. However, getting to the center of the universe will require you to periodically step out of your craft?s cozy confines in order to obtain resources. Do you want to make your trek through the game?s infinite swaths of alien terrain quick and smooth? Then read on to find out how.

Traverse Planets Faster In No Man’s Sky With This Handy Trick

On-foot, No Man?s Sky gives you a couple of ways to speed up your movement. There?s your trusty jetpack, which lets you navigate around obstacles and scale heights faster, and the sprint button, which gives you a little speed boost at the expense of stamina. If this isn?t enough for you, a YouTuber named?LegranLDM may have found another method that lets you combine the two so you can literally glide around whatever planet you?re on.

Making it work sounds a little tricky at first as it requires some precise timing, but with enough practice, you should be able to pull it off consistently in no time. First, start sprinting (R3 on PS4) in your desired direction. Now for the tricky part. While sprinting, quickly perform a melee attack (R1) followed by a jump. If you do this right, the speed from your sprint should carry over into the jump motion, propelling you off the ground. Combine this with your jetpack, and you can quickly float around the environment.

This trick is best used from a high vantage point so you can glide down to the surface below. There?s no word yet on whether this is a legit way to travel or some sort of bug, but we?ll keep you posted. Hopefully LegranLDM?s trick makes your journey through No Man?s Sky?s infinite universe a little faster. For more news and updates on the game, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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