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No Man?s Sky Tips: How To Earn Units Fast

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Those who have joined the space exploration bandwagon must be asking themselves how to earn Units fast in No Man?s Sky as new spacecrafts and weapons are really expensive. Earning Units (in-game money) can?t simply be done by wandering aimlessly in the game, and some are still waiting for No Man?s Sky cheats to get the deed done very fast, but as there are still no hacks available, here?s a trick to get money quickly.

Whenever you jump onto a planet, do not leave it unless you completely discover everything in it. Achieving a 100% planet discovery and uploading it will net you 250,000 Units straight into your account. Exploration gives you many opportunities to earn Units in No Man?s Sky as uploading them will net you a couple of Units. When exploring a planet, mining will give your account a solid boost if you collect the right resources.

Collect gold as much as you can and it will certainly help you increase Units fast. Units in No Man?s Sky can also be collected by trading. Selling items can get you more money. In the beginning, you may find that you do not have enough Units to upgrade your weapons or ship and lack of Units will certainly make you hussle for them.

Trading comes as a lifesaver and it is one of the easiest methods to earn Units fast in No Man?s Sky. You can trade items at outposts and space stations. Using your pulse scanner and collecting items from those grayed out loot boxes will also help you out in obtaining a lot of Units as they are worth a fortune. There are also some planets that has items like these just laying down on the ground or inside plants, so get ready to head back and forth to a trader to farm millions of credits in just a couple of minutes.

To earn more Units, you also need to spend Units. Yes, by having a ship and exosuit with a bigger inventory capacity, you can get more items to sell in the long run. Make your exosuit and ship capable of transporting more resources so you can carry more in less time. It will eventually help you sell more items in less time.

Finding asteroids and mining them can give you big rewards. Find the right asteroids and if you?re lucky enough to shoot the right one, you might get hidden resources available inside them. All the activities need time but there are players who have made millions in just a few hours, while there are some players who spend hours on end with little to no money to spend on upgrades. Use the above mentioned tips and tricks and increase your Unit count.

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