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No Man’s Sky Tips: How to Craft Weapons

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No Man?s Sky Weapons Crafting
No Mans Sky Weapons Crafting

One of the most anticipated games of 2016, No Man?s Sky, is now available for PlayStation 4 players in the United States and Europe. The initial reviews about the game are also here and they reveal that survival is the core part of the game. The game becomes a tad tedious if players go on losing lives as he ends up starting from a previously saved point and as such, misses all the fun of space exploration.

The vast universe is comprised of over 18 quintillion planets with their own flora and fauna and as such, there are extreme dangers from the alien life existing on such planets. So the gamers will need to equip themselves with the latest weapons to keep them safe and to engage in defence against alien creatures.

This is where the trusted Multi-Tool comes in handy because its allows you to get your weapon systems ready. First off, if you want to use your Multi-Tool, all you need to do is press R2. The Multi-Tool will appear and you can fire by pressing R2 again. The one you get when you start the game comes with only five inventory slots but you will come across others that have more slots. You can?t carry elements or goods in the Multi-Tool inventory, only upgrades.

Here?s how to craft new weapons:

Using Mining Beam

The Multi-Tool is responsible for crafting new weapons in No Man?s Sky. The main focus of your Multi-Tool when you start NMS is the Mining Beam. This function lets your Multi-Tool emit a laser at different objects to mine elements from it. The amount you need to destroy a rock structure or plant life varies but you can track how much you need by the circle gauge when you aim your Multi-Tool at it. Once punctured or destroyed, the elements within will pull towards you.

The Mining Beam, however, cannot be used continuously, according to iDigitalTimes. There are two gauges to be aware of when using the Mining Beam.

The first is the heat gauge, which is the bar that fills up in white when the Mining Beam is used. If you hold the Beam down until the bar is full, then the Multi-Tool will overheat and a cool-down will begin.

The other gauge shows the amount of ammo you have. Beginning from 100 percent, the more you use the Mining Beam, the percentage will decrease. To refuel your Mining Beam, you need to use Isotopes (red elements) to charge it.


Making Weapons

You should gather as many elements as possible early in the game (while keeping an eye on your inventory space) since you have a lot of repair work to do. However, keep a particular eye out for iron and plutonium.

Iron is extremely common; you’ll find it in nearly every rock you come across. Plutonium is a bit rarer. Look for it in raw shards jutting out of the ground.


When you’ve gathered 12 iron and 12 plutonium, enter your inventory (press the Touchpad on the PlayStation 4) and select the Multi-Tool tab.

Move your cursor over one of the empty “Modify” slots marked with a gear icon. This should bring up an assortment of technology you can build and add onto your Multi-Tool.


To build and add a weapon, select “Projectile” or “Grenade.” You’ll need the necessary amount of minerals to forge whatever’s offered on your menu.

By pressing the L1 button, your Multi-Tool will launch a Grenade. Different upgrades give your Grenades added properties, from being able to ricochet off objects to a larger blast radius.

Boltcaster Upgrade

If you’ve gathered the necessary plutonium and iron, you should have enough material to build a simple Boltcaster. It’s not exactly a pocket nuke, but it gets the job done against hostile lifeforms.

The Boltcaster acts like a traditional gun, using ammo instead of a continuous laser. These do a lot more damage and can fire quicker. You can also strike aliens by pressing the R1 button.

The Boltcaster doesn?t overheat, but the ammo will run out and you?ll need to reload. Again, Isotopes will charge up your Boltcaster.

Upgrades are plentiful for the Boltcaster, ranging from a wider spread to reduced kickback on more powerful shots.

Remember to use the proper tool for the job at hand. The Boltcaster can technically mine elements like your mining beam, but it’s not an efficient use of ammo. On the PlayStation 4, you can switch between tools using the Square button.

To switch between the Mining Beam and the Boltcaster, simply press TRIANGLE.

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