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No Man’s Sky Tips: Best Game Strategy For The Game

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No Man's Sky
No Man’s Sky

With almost a week to release of No Man?s Sky fans are already freaking about the space adventurer that boasts a reported 18 quintillion planets for players to explore.

No Man?s Sky?promises an open world full of planets with their own flora and fauna, alien life, unseen suns, black holes and much much more. The procedurally generated universe has carnivorous plants and giant animals, robotic Sentinel defense systems, space stations, science vessels and a crafting system. With such a staggering scale of the game, it?s been really hard for players to grasp what the gameplay actually involves.

The gameplay is actually built on four pillars?exploration, survival, combat and trading?in which players are free to perform within the entirety of a procedurally generated deterministic open universe. The player gets to start from the edge of the galaxy and the goal is to reach the center of galactic map. Sony even put out a series of trailers, each focusing on a different aspect of No Man?s Sky : Explore, Fight, Trade, Survive.

Unfortunately the details of the game are still scarce and players are still confused regarding the whole concept of the game. So we have compiled the best strategy for players to reach their goal and as well enjoy the exploration.


Of course the main focus of the No Man?s Sky gameplay is exploration as the open world universe is especially designed to cater this need of players. The exploration part is the first and foremost part and the other three components of the game simply exist to help you in your journey of discovery.


The trade is the second most significant part of gameplay. It is actually the sub-activity of your exploration as without trading you can?t advance further into the galaxy.

In order to explore, you’ll need to collect resources on each planet so you can upgrade your ship and character, making it possible to reach new, even more exotic destinations. With trading you gain materials and blueprints to upgrade your character?s equipment and purchase variety of starships which help you travel deeper into the center of the galaxy. Also you get weapons upgrade that are essential to fight the hostile wildlife you may interact with on new planets.


Survival of your character is essential part of the gameplay and should be the goal of your trading. So get only that stuff which will increase your survival rate. For example Planets can be too hot or too cold for the suit you’re wearing so you need to keep that in mind while trading. Similarly when hostile alien life threatens you, you should have the right equipment to deal with threats. However, not all planets are worth exploring since some of them threaten your survival too.


Fight is the least gameplay to take (avoid it if you can) because not only will you risk your life, but it may delay your exploration to be the first discover things, earn more via trade, and reach the center of the galaxy for more bonus stuff.

The best way to avoid conflict is not to take too many resources from a planet or kill wildlife. Such activities as killing too many lifeforms or draining too many resources from planets, will draw the attention of Sentinels that will attempt to kill the player-character. So avoiding fighting until and unless absolutely necessary. A lot of things can be addressed by trading with other alien life form.

So here?s the whole strategy, as indicated in the diagram below. The exploration part is what?s foremost which is assisted with trading. Of course trading requires you to survive and sometimes even fight. Do not forget that fight need to be avoided at all costs as it takes you further away from your goal of exploration.

No Man's Sky strategy diagram

No Man?s Sky will be available on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows 10 starting August 9.

Unfortunately, for Xbox gamers Hello Games has no plans to releasing the game on Microsoft?s platform. However there is another similar space exploration game – The Solus Project – which is exclusive to Xbox One.

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