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No Man’s Sky Tips To Become The Best Explorer: Upgrade Synergies, Avoid Sentinels And More

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No Man's Sky

No Man?s Sky is a really big game and there?s a huge learning curve at the start of the game, but even after accomplishing all the first few objectives, there?s still a lot of unexplained features that player needs to survive in the game. To become the best explorer in their respective galaxies and in the entire in-game universe, players need to take note of a couple of things in the game. Here are some tips to become a better explorer, trader and fighter.

Inventory Placement Matters

It?s likely that players are just placing items in their inventories with no regard as to how it affects the game. What No Man?s Sky doesn?t tell players is that upgrade and technology placement in the inventory matter. For example, a Multi-tool upgrade like those that make mining beams more powerful will become more useful if it is placed next to the Multi-tool in the inventory. To see the bonus boost in effect, look for a borderline on the two items. If there is one, then that means that a synergy bonus is activated.

Avoiding Sentinels

There are several ways to provoke a Sentinel onslaught in No Man?s Sky, and most of these ways are actually vital in progressing the game. Players find themselves in need of mining a planet or hurting an animal for resources, but doing so too much would cause a run in with the Sentinels. If this does happen, simply listen for any mechanical sounds. That means that Sentinel drones are nearby. At this point, players should stop mining or killing the animal instantly. Any further damage will cause the alert. For extra measure, move away from the drones even for just a short distance.

Signal Scanners

Signal Scanners are very important in No Man?s Sky. They are distinguishable by orange beams of light and require a Bypass Chip to use. These points of interest are very important as they can reveal important locations in a planet. Upon starting it up, players will be given choices in which types of areas to look for; Monoliths, Colonial Outposts, Transmission and Shelter.

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