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No Man’s Sky Tips: Should You Accept The Atlas’ Guidance?

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No Man's Sky

No Man?s Sky recently launched and the game is nothing short of epic. It?s very easy to be overwhelmed by the size of the game and everything in it, and there are a lot of ways to approach the game. Upon beginning, players are given a chance to make one vital decision which is whether or not they should accept the Atlas? Guidance.

Upon starting the game, the player wakes up with little to know memory. A text appears, somewhat explaining the current situation. It states, ?A name burns itself into my mind: Atlas. And a request, made without words, that I should follow the path this being, this Atlas, has set for me.?

After then, two choices are given: accept the Atlas? guidance or spurn direction and explore freely. It?s a pretty heavy choice early on in the game and it?s also one to think of carefully.

First off, some players argue that picking to have the Atlas? guidance will make reaching the center of the galaxy a bit longer. This is probably because this approach forces the player into a linear journey. However, with the Atlas? guidance, it?s easier to get a clearer understanding of the game, and it?s recommended for those overwhelmed by all the concepts in No Man?s Sky.

Choosing to explore freely, on the other hand, releases the player out into the galaxy without restrictions instantly. It?s a particularly faster route to the center, but it?s also more difficult considering that there?s no guide in getting around.

There?s probably more to the choices than meets the eye. For starters, we?re sure that the choice made at the beginning will affect the game?s ending. Considering that No Man?s Sky has multiple endings, chances are that it will vary depending on the first choice made as well as other things done later on in the game.

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