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No Man’s Sky Takes Out The Fun In Exploration; Who Doesn’t Want To Meet Other Humans In The Vastness Of Space?

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After almost a day of its release on PS4, No Man?s Sky has been impressing gamers across the globe. However, it seems like there is only one problem – players cannot interact with other users in the game. How lame is that?

Prior to its launch, the main goals of the game have been shared and they are to explore, survive, combat and trade. But, upon knowing that the game features a very vast universe, some gamers wanted to see how good they are in finding other users they personally know while travelling on different planets.

Recently, a user named ?TheGalacticCactus? found out that a certain player, ?Psytokat,? was also on the same planet where he landed. Because of his curiousity, he quickly contacted the gamer and plan a meet-up. Their efforts were useless as they discover crossing paths are never going to happen in the game.
Developer Sean Murray already stated that chances of bumping into each other in the game is almost zero because of the huge size of the galaxy. Clearly, he never mentioned ?impossible? but it turned out, it is really the case because the game is not a multiplayer and is meant to be played alone.

Now, who would not want to see other players in a vast universe of No Man?s Sky? Because of the incident, there are predictions that the galaxy is really not connected to one another. A player?s own dimension is actually not related to the other. They may be similar in terms of appearance, but never connected. If that would be true, then it is indeed the explanation why the two gamers mentioned above never saw each other despite being on the same place at the same time.

With that discovery, it is really a bummer for the gamers who wanted to see their friends or other players in the game. If it is really impossible, then it would certainly lessen the excitement of exploring different planets as they progress.

Meanwhile, despite being disappointed, fans seem to still enjoy the game as recent reports state that it has lived up to the hype it created three years ago. Also, it is being considered as one of the most impressive survival sandbox games ever.

How about you? Are you disappointed knowing that No Man?s Sky is not multiplayer? Or, will it be as exciting because of its 18 quintillion planet-filled universe? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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