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No Man’s Sky Is Suitable For All Ages

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No Man's Sky

People of all ages can play No Man’s Sky, as the game has been rated by the Australian Classification Board ahead of its August launch. According to the board?s website, Hello Games? space simulator got A PG classification/rating with a consumer advice suggesting that the game may contain ?mild science fiction themes and violence.? The board has also put out an advisory regarding the game?s nature of gameplay that includes online interaction among the players around the world.

Space explorers from different corners of the world will be heading to the center of the galaxy when No Man’s Sky?launches this August. As we know, every game has to go through the rating process based on the content it features, and No Man’s Sky?has been declared suitable for everyone. There will be situations where players will have to fight against enemy forces (NPCs and Space Cops), but the game will not depict too much violence, unambiguous death scenes, and gore.

The only problem parents may worry about is the chance of seeing planets and animals get named after genitalia and vulgar words as all players can name their discoveries in the game. Regarding the online interactivity, it is a very well-known fact that the game will feature a vast universe, where the interaction among players will be rare. Studio head Sean Murray previously confirmed that one player?s activity in the game won?t have any significant impact on another?s gameplay.

No Man’s Sky is a brilliant exploration game that allows players to explore the vast universe that contains numerous planets and space stations. The game is about crafting, mining resources, upgrading in-game elements and trading with the game?s currency, Unit. There?s nothing distressing much in the game that can leave a negative impact on people of any age. Whether the player is a child or an adult, No Man’s Sky?features a lot of creative and unique things to do for everyone.

Overall, No Man’s Sky?has a huge audience base to target. Parents would not mind buying the game for their kids, and the rating will surely have a positive impact on the game?s sales.

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