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No Man’s Sky Steam Database Update Points To Revival Of Missing Features

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No Man's Sky update
Source: No Man’s Sky – The Path Finder Update video

Recently, No Man’s Sky fans have noticed some weird string of older version updates on the game’s Steam Database. Fans speculate that these updates are Hello Games trying to implement the game’s promised features that didn’t make it on release. Pre-release, many features were confirmed, but fans never found them in the game’s starting build.

Old Build Updates

As seen on the No Man’s Sky Steam Database page, the PC version received an update this April 12. Currently, fans are speculating Hello Games is working on an earlier build of the game. This move is extremely unusual for any game. 

Extent of the Old Updates

Reddit User r351d3nt found out that Hello Games updated several old game builds. Meanwhile, another user points out that Hello Games scrapped some bugged features as they updated the game. Fans speculate that all these old build updates are for reviving its many missing features.

Missing Features

Before its release, No Man’s Sky was marketed to have a large potential for growth and promised to have many “procedurally generated” content such as unique ship types with unique handling, an endless amount of elements for crafting, and more. This “procedural generation” system was expected to create an endless amount of content on itself. Overall, No Man’s Sky was promised to be a big and self-growing game, but ultimately failed to deliver once the players got their hands on the game. After the mass disappointment, Hello Games’ Sean Murray confirmed that they’ll focus on working on more content to make it up with the fans and refunds are entirely welcome.

The few missing features were seen in No Man’s Sky’s trailers and announcements. Features like Sentinels living it out similarly like planet creatures, multiplayer, harsher planets near the center of the galaxy, and space whales were shown but were never found in the actual game. Fans speculate that the developers are trying out which build works best with these missing features.

Make It Great Again?

As of now, the Hello Games Twitter, Sean Murray’s Twitter and the official No Man’s Sky Facebook have no hints of any major updates. If Hello Games really does plan to try implementing the missing features again, No Man’s Sky might just become the popular space simulation title it had the potential to be. Before its release, fans were honestly hyped for its release up before finding out that the game failed to deliver on most of its promises.

Current Build

Currently, No Man’s Sky developers didn’t ditch its development and have already implemented major features. Some of the new features allow players to create their own bases and settle traders into their created structures. Potentially, players can grow cities full of traders but will mostly feel like a mall rather than an actual city. Meanwhile, players were also granted new vehicles to help roam planet surfaces faster. Overall, No Man’s Sky hasn’t been neglected, but its updates have sidetracked from what players expected in the game’s original vision. Aside from this,  its updates still aren’t enough to fill the vast empty universe that this game has. 

Potential Release Dates

Currently, nobody knows details about this string of old build updates outside the developers. No release dates and no lists of content have been announced so far. However, Hello Games has always delivered large, expansive updates whenever they release one. We’ll just have to see what lies ahead after the Foundation and Path Finder update in this Hello Games title. Stay updated with more gaming news here on The BitBag.

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