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No Man’s Sky Spaceship Guide: Get Max Inventory Slot Easily

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No Man's Sky

Exploring the vast galaxy isn?t the only thing that?s particularly hard to do in No Man?s Sky. The star systems and the planets are big and all, but players? inventories don?t contain 18 quintillion slots. It?s a pretty big problem to some players at times, considering how harvesting and keeping items play a vital role in the game. There are a few ways to maximize inventory slots on a starship early on in the game though.

Maxed Inventory Slot From Crashed Ship

One of the fastest ways to get a new ship as well as get the maximum inventory slot for a starship is by finding a crashed spacecrafts on any of the planets. This can be done by freely exploring a planet, but it would be easier to look for a Signal Scanner. Use a Bypass Chip to activate it and then simply pick Transmission Tower. There?s a chance that the Transmission Tower will have a panel, and upon solving the puzzle, it might point you to a broken starship that has one more inventory slot than your current ship.

Players can also buy a cargo ship with maximum slots at space stations, but it would cost a lot of units. It?s pretty easy to repair a broken ship, like in the beginning of the game. It?ll be even easier now since you can deconstruct parts of your previous ship to fix the new one.

Buying A New Ship

Buying a new cargo ship with max slots is another option, but ships don?t come cheap in No Man?s Sky. There are a few exploits to get a lot of units fast. One of the latest exploits is to have all the expensive materials on the ship?s inventory; Atlas Stones, Aluminum, etc.

You can die in outer space but instead of continuing with the game, reload a previous save. Players will then have access to all their items, but they can still pick up the items from the grave spot, meaning the inventory items has doubled. Simply sell the excess items, then rinse and repeat. With enough units, No Man?s Sky players can buy an excellent starship, preferably one with 48 slots.

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