No Man’s Sky Space Cops Detailed by Hello Games

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No Man's Sky Space Cops

Gamers are free to do anything in No Man’s Sky, but using your gun too much can land you in trouble. Every action in the adventure survival game has its consequences, so those who kill too many aliens will be put under the radar of the planet?s sentinels. Even if you are planning to deplete the valuable resources of a planet, the wanted level will rise and the space police of No Man?s Sky will come after you. Those thinking of taking down these space cops aka sentinels should get ready to fight against a huge military force.

Since the announcement of the game, developer Hello Games has revealed a lot of information about the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. Recently, Ryan Clements published a blog post on the official PlayStation Blog and shared details on surviving a cold universe in the game.

We all know that No Man?s Sky will feature countless planets, and most of them have machine-like creatures. To survive from the attacks and to explore the endless universe, players will need to upgrade their suit, ship and weapons. The customization can be done with the help of resources available on planets.

Clements said that the elements can be excavated from mineral deposits, discarded supply containers and plant life. However, some planets are not untouched, and when the players visit a planet, they may see sentinels protecting it. These creatures work as space cops and guard the planet, its creatures and resources.

According to Clements, if a player steals too many resources or kills too many creatures, the space cops will attack the player and remove him or her from their planet. If the player successfully defeats the creatures, the bigger ones will instantly take over. Clements also noted that alien space stations survey the planets in No Man?s Sky.

The idea of space cops has received mixed reactions from fans. However, fans are excited to check the game, but they are afraid of the idea of having space cops as they believe that this mechanism will limit the game?s core theme, which is that No Man?s Sky is a free exploration game. Despite this, such feature will surely get players engaged in the game.

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