No Man’s Sky Was At Sony’s E3 2016 Conference

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No Man's Sky

No Man?s Sky was indeed at E3, but only for a short second, and no new features were presented. Currently, Hello Games is busy on polishing the game as they recently delayed the release for two months. Hello Games has been actively updating fans through constant gameplay invitations and their media interviews.

In the 1:46:17 mark of Sony?s E3 2016 full conference video, a quick image of the Korvax holding a notepad can be seen in the montage of upcoming games this year. The Sony E3 show was mostly filled with upcoming game sequels and starting IPs on the PS4. Hello Games and its managing director Sean Murray might be busy on polishing the game right now rather than showcasing it at this event.

Meanwhile, fans on Reddit discovered a brief appearance of No Man?s Sky in the event. Reddit thread starter ess_tee_you noted that this artwork was found on the Into the Pixel Exhibit at E3. Besides the brief montage appearance and this artwork though, No Man?s Sky has yet to make a major appearance at this year?s E3.

However, E3 is not yet over as there will still be interviews after the Sony E3 show. It?s possible that Murray or somebody from Hello Games might be called in for an interview. We might not see a gameplay video, but it would be great to have a quick official update on the progress of the game.

Alternatively, fans are eyeing other games while waiting for No Man?s Sky. Novaquark?s Dual Universe and Subnautica from Unknown Worlds Entertainment are eyed as great substitutes. Despite sharing the same ?outer space and interplanetary travel? with No Man?s Sky, Dual Universe focuses on player interaction rather than exploration and will be released later than Murray?s game, so it?s not a valid choice at the moment. Meanwhile, Subnautica allows players to explore and enjoy beauty of oceanic floors, so it may quench the thirst of players for space travel at the moment.

No Man?s Sky?s delayed release has disappointed fans and even resulted in an uproar on Reddit. The announcement was made as the month of June was approaching, frustrating most of the game?s fans. The game will launch on August 9 for PS4 and PC.

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