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No Man?s Sky Is Being Sold On eBay For Just US$34.78 & People Are Buying

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No Man?s Sky

Someone on eBay is selling No Man?s Sky for just US$34.78 and the seller claims to be able to activate the game without any code or download. A total of 29 units have already been sold and the seller is offering worldwide shipping for the game and same day shipping in the United States. Some fans who spotted the deal suggest that it is a scam and this should be taken down.

Hello Games has scheduled No Man?s Sky PC release for August 12. The studio is already accepting pre-orders, but players will be able to get their hands on the game only when the game officially launches. Recently, video footage was also leaked on the web, and now someone is selling the game at almost half of its original price. The official price of the game is US$59.99, which is similar to almost all the AAA titles we see.

On a Reddit thread, some users have started complaining about the eBay listing suggesting that it is a scam and should be reported. What makes the listing suspicious is the methods of activation shared by the seller. According to the seller, there will be two methods for activation. The seller is asking for the Steam login credentials of the buyers to activate their copy of No Man?s Sky.

Another method shared by the seller looks more suspicious as it suggests players use a new Steam account created by the seller itself to play the game. As the game?s official release is still a couple of days away, the seller claims that he will activate the game just after receiving the payment.

Both the methods are highly risky and suspicious. Giving Steam account details is obviously not a wise decision because one can easily hijack the entire account and can misuse credit as well. On the other hand, using a new Steam account created by the seller himself is also not safe because they may close the account any time they want.

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