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No Man’s Sky: Signal Scanners And How To Use Them

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In all of the planets in No Man?s Sky, players will come across orange beams of light called Signal Scanners. Activating these scanners require a Bypass Chip that can be built from 10 Iron and 10 Plutonium elements. Once activated, Signal Scanners can point out any point of interest in a planet, but players can only choose one type of structure to look out for. The game doesn?t detail what the search options mean, but we have a rundown of them below.


Monoliths will provide players the location of either a Monolith or a Ruin. Both of these areas are good sources for Knowledge Stones, which in turn provide players with a better understanding of an alien language. Monoliths aren?t too common though, and if players do manage to come across one, they?ll be faced with a puzzle. Completing the puzzle will reward players with rare items or blueprints.

Colonial Outposts

Scanning for Colonial Outposts will locate either an Operation Centre or Manufacturing Facilities. Both can reward players with a recipe after a puzzle and some Sentinel encounters.


A Transmission scan, on the other hand, will pinpoint any Beacon, Observatory or Transmission Tower nearby. These areas can help the player locate special areas in No Man?s Sky. Beacons, for example, are nearby Outposts wherein the player can interact with an alien life form to trade with. Observatories can locate any area that tells about the alien life forms in No Man?s Sky, but players have to solve a puzzle first before fixing it which would reveal the location of either broken ships or ruins. Transmission Towers, on the other hand, will point the location of nearby broken starships.


A Shelter scan may very well be the most commonly used as it points the location of Drop Pods that contain an exosuit capacity upgrade. After the first exosuit upgrade, players will have to pay an increasing amount of units with each Drop Pod discovered.

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