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No Man’s Sky: Ship’s Appearance Affects HP

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No Man's Sky

The starships in No Man?s Sky come in all shapes and sizes, pretty much like everything else in the game. Choosing one takes a great deal of consideration as the ship?s effectiveness will vary from type to type. There are cargo, combat and exploration ready ships. There?s another way to figure out a ship?s stats, and it has something to do with simply looking at it.

Redditor Bloody-Mando shared that the appearance of a ship affects its durability or survivability in combat. Along with a few screenshots, the player explained that the ships? outside appearance and the cockpit interface can be telltale signs of how many hits it can take.

The player stated that there are three types of ship groups. Each group has a different amount of HP that can’t be modified in any way except by actually changing the ship into another of a different group/look. (You can see how much HP each ship has by looking at the number of icons underneath your shield bar).

This is a feature worth looking into as a No Man?s Sky ship can only take so much damage after the shield is down. A ship?s HP is calculated per hit, meaning if a ship has 4 HP, it can only get hit four times once the shield is down.

The player took a few screenshots to solidify the feature. Seen below is a small-looking ship that looks like an explorer. The entire frame is not bulky. As for the cockpit interface, it also looks small and simple. Its overall HP is 4. Meanwhile, this ship that looks pretty bulky and with a cluttered cockpit interface boasts a total of 8 HP.

Since there are a lot of ships in No Man?s Sky, the Redditor stated that there may be other types to look for. He added that there may be 4 and 7 HP value ships as well.

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