No Man’s Sky Ship Gameplay Is Broken, Says Early Player?

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No Man's Sky

Recently, a Reddit user claimed to have played No Man?s Sky before its release date and posted details about the game. Almost every part of the game was covered including the achievements and ship gameplay. However, the early player claims that the No Man?s Sky ship gameplay isn?t as great as promised. Here?s what Reddit user daymeeuhn said about the game?s ships in his early playthrough.

According to daymeeuhn, No Man?s Sky ships are not specialized, which is contrary to Sean Murray?s promise. The ships do not have the intended ?specializations? and are only a cosmetic means for the player?s space travel. All ships have the same use, which is contrary to Murray?s statement that there will be ?science ships? or ?combat ships? in the game. If this is true, players may have a uniform advantage and disadvantage in space battles, while the game?s speed may bore some players who just want to fly through long stretches of space.

Additionally, the ship?s storage capacity is lesser than the player?s own suit, according to a spoiler thread in the game?s subreddit thread. While this is a minor setback for bringing items in-game, it doesn?t feel realistic that the player?s upgraded suit pockets have more space than a spaceship?s compartment hull. The confirmation of similar ships in No Man?s Sky doesn?t help as every player may have to work with limited storage space with their ship if this is true.

However, Hello Games may just fix the issue through a Day 1 patch. Limited inventory space will definitely bum out players in the long run and hamper their travels if they plan on saving up resources as they journey in the game. Since the game also focuses on survival, the limited inventory space can either be an error or an intended design to add difficulty to the game.

The game is nearing its release soon. No Man?s Sky will be released on August 9 on PS4 and August 12 on PC. Once the game rolls out, players can finally try the ships for themselves and confirm if daymeeuhn?s reveals are true.

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