No Man’s Sky Sentinels: Actions That Will Anger The Space Cops

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No Man's Sky

Most open world games allow players to interact and even destroy their world without any immediate repercussions. However, the No Man?s Sky Sentinels will start chasing characters that have crossed the line and start chasing them down ala Grand Theft Auto?s police. Here?s a quick list to avoid triggering the Sentinels and giving you a bad day in No Man?s Sky.

Hurting Animals

In No Man?s Sky, procedurally generated creatures will roam most of the planets you visit. Sentinels actually protect the balance of the planet so fighting them is not a good idea. However, there will be predatory creatures who may try to eat you and it?s your choice if you opt to take them down or run to the nearest building or your ship. If you want unique resources from these animals, feed them instead of killing them outright.

Overmining a planet

Technically, every prodcedurally generated planet in No Man?s Sky will have unique resources from one another to encourage traveling more. Players are free to take anything they like on the planet as long you don?t do it too much. Once the Sentinels notices that you?ve been taking too much resources, you?ll trigger them to attack you. If possible, take only what you need or just prepare to run for cover.

Destroying buildings

On planets, you may find lone buildings or structures that may house resources, NPCs, or useful information inside. If possible, try to get it open by other means instead of blasting the door open with your multipurpose gun. Like the previous offenses, damaging NPC property will make them hunt you, however, getting inside a building will easily remove your heat from the Sentinels.

No Man?s Sky also has wanted levels ranging from level 1 to level 5. Level 1 might be manageable to escape and evade but prepare for the worst once you start climbing levels. Sentinels will follow you even if you leave the planet on higher wanted levels. It?ll be best not to anger them if you just plan on traveling and not focus too much on the game?s space combat systems.

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