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No Man’s Sky Rigogen: Where To Get The Rare Resource

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No Man's Sky

Thanks to the Foundation update, Hello Games? No Man?s Sky has gotten a huge overhaul that makes the game better than it was before. Players are now once again exploring every planet to get to the center. The new base building mechanic opens up a lot of possibilities for the game. Using base building, players can create a wide array of structures. Doing so requires the player to get quite a few rare resources.

Getting The Elusive Rigogen

Out of all the resources in No Man?s Sky, the Rigogen is perhaps the most rare. It?s also quite difficult to find considering that it doesn?t appear during scans. This means that players will have to know what the Rigogen looks like to actually find it. Rigogen looks like plants with yellowish circles at the top.

To get to Rigogen, players will need to look for the plant under the sea. Again, it won?t be appearing on scans, so players will need to look thoroughly. You can see what it looks like in Justin Time’s video below.


It would be best to upgrade the exo-suit with better equipment that can prolong oxygen levels. This would make searching for the resource particularly easier.

Farming Rigogen

One of the best parts of base building in the Foundation update is that it will allow players to create farms to cultivate resources. With perfect planning, players will be able to create a farm that generates rare resources on its own. This includes the elusive Rigogen.

It would be best to build bases near forms of water and caves. This would allow the base to easily have access to rare materials like the Rigogen and Antrium found in caves. This would be an easier method to farm Rigogen as players can just leave the farms be and let the resource generate overtime.

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