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No Man?s Sky Review In Progress: Why The Game Isn’t For You

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One of the most anticipated games of 2016 recently launched, and No Man’s Sky somewhat delivered its promise of giving players a huge galaxy to explore. The game may have faults for now, but there?s good reason to be excited about it still. It’s a completely unique experience, though it might not be for every gamer.

In our opinion, No Man’s Sky is a mix of both exploration games like Firewatch and fast-paced shooter like Destiny. While the game offers action, it isn?t over the top as the focus remains on getting to the center of the galaxy.

Players looking for intense firefights both on land and space shouldn’t grab a copy of the game instantly. The entire pace of the game can be felt through its first moments, and getting a feel of the game is as easy as watching videos on YouTube.

Upon waking up, the player is given little information and the task to repair a ship. Repairing the ship is done with the press of a button, but getting the materials for it is more intricate. There are harvesting points everywhere, and shooting each one for the appropriate material can get tedious at times. No Man’s Sky has its ups, but it can get boring at times, to say the least.

The player will be placed in a vast and near empty planet almost immediately, and while there are hostile lifeforms and Sentinels here and there, most of the action is done through shooting at any harvesting point. Things might get more fast-paced after a while, but that is if the player lands on a very hostile planet or chooses to go against the authorities.

No Man?s Sky is a very light game and it?s obvious that Hello Games is pushing players to enjoy the sights, so it’s very recommended for those aiming for a visual experience.

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