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No Man’s Sky Review: Impressions From An Early Player, No Official Critic Reviews Before Game’s Launch?

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No Man's Sky

Fans are expecting that a few days from now, the gaming ?press will finally reveal their first impressions of the anticipated No Man?s Sky. However, news began to circulate that there will be no early copies sent out to reviewers. One fan managed to secure a copy of the game several days prior to launch day, so players have another method of getting a feel of the upcoming title.

In this Reddit thread, Redditor daymeeuhn revealed a few points about the upcoming game which could be a good guide for those who want early impressions. Based on the player?s experience, it seems that No Man?s Sky will indeed have varying planets, as promised by Sean Murray and Hello Games.

There are still some flaws to point out in the planets and their ecosystem though. There are apparently a lot of planets that have very little life form, which is contrary to what the developers said before that planets are loaded with life. The player did say later on that each planet?s terrain refreshes each time. The planets are also big, considering that the player didn?t even explore the depths of the ocean yet.

The Redditor went on saying that the game doesn?t feel different the closer the player gets to the center, which is again contrary to the developer?s statement that things get weirder the deeper the player gets into the galaxy. The only difference was that the weapons became significantly better as the player got deeper into space.

When it comes to bugs and issues, there are several bugs to the game including one that causes it to crash on the PS4. However, it?s worth noting that the player got his copy illegally, and it could be a press copy he is using. According to a series of tweets by OpenCritic, there will be press copies given out, but Hello Games hasn?t released them just yet.

Even if what the player got is the launch copy of No Man?s Sky, it?s possible that there will be a huge day one patch from Hello Games to sharpen up things.

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