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No Man’s Sky: How To Repair Your Ship And Leave Your First Planet

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No Man's Sky

No Man?s Sky is out, and boy, is it massive. Players can?t seem to fathom just how big the galaxy is, and the planets themselves are pretty impressive. If it weren?t for ships, the game is basically unbeatable. We can thank these handy vehicles for all their help in No Man?s Sky, and the best way to give back is by taking care of them very well.

No matter how careful players are with their ships, there?s still a chance that they?ll break one way or the other. Luckily, players can repair ships when they get broken instead of just getting a new one. After a while, a ship?s Launch Thruster and Pulse Engine will require fixing, but it isn?t easy to do as it requires crafting, harvesting and travelling.

Fixing Launch Thrusters in No Man?s Sky requires four Carite Sheets and a few Plutonium. To make Carite Sheets, players will need 50 Iron, which isn?t a very rare material at all. Iron is abundant in most planets, and it?s acquired from either caves or rock formations on the ground. Plutonium isn?t a rare material at all. Also abundant in most planets, this material can be harvested from red rock formations.

Pulse Engine?s, on the other hand, are a different story. Fixing it requires 200 Heridium, two Carite Sheets, 20 Zinc and Thamium 9. Heridium is the toughest to find out of all the materials, but it?s still pretty easy to get. It can be harvested from dark tower-like structures, which are fortunately easy to spot.

Thamium 9 is also not as easy to get as Iron, but players shouldn?t have much trouble with it as it can easily be obtained in outerspace by simple shooting asteroids. On planets, it can be found from red plants. It?s worth noting that these red plants sprout in small groups, so finding one is already a big deal. Lastly, for Zinc, players will need to look for small yellowish plants. Make sure to get a lot of Zinc as it?s also helpful in temperature management in No Man?s Sky.

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