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No Man’s Sky Release: Sean Murray Explains Why They Skipped E3 2016

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No Man's Sky

Despite the game getting delayed, there is still plenty of excitement for No Man?s Sky. This is why fans found it shocking that the game was not at E3 earlier this month. While Hello Games did not confirm that they would be there, the lack of any gameplay demo or trailer made fans wonder if the game would be delayed again.

That does not appear to be the case, as the official Twitter account of Sean Murray, the game?s director, stated that they chose not to be at E3 to make the game better than it already is. It is a pretty simple reason and one that might please fans, since there are plenty of high expectations for the game.

Murray admitted that the Hello Games team could have gone to E3 and build up more hype for the game, but they decided to make the title better instead. Since No Man?s Sky already faced one setback with the delay, it was easy to see why the developers decided to stay in the studio and continue working on the space exploration simulator.

In all fairness, E3 was a pretty solid event, and there was a good chance that No Man?s Sky would have gotten lost in the shuffle. E3 is the place where the new God of War debuted, along with some promising new IP like We Happy Few and Days Gone.

Keep in mind that the game was supposed to come out this month already. No Man?s Sky was scheduled for a June 21 release date on PS4 and Windows PC, but the game was delayed at the last minute. Now that it is scheduled for an August release, fans are hoping that the added time will make it the masterpiece that many are hoping it will be.

No Man?s Sky will be released on August 9 for the PS4 and Windows PC. While it is a bit of a shame that we did not see it at E3, there is some comfort that we might get one hell of a game in a couple of months.

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