No Man’s Sky Release Date: US & UK Launch Final As Game Goes Gold

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No Man's Sky Release Date

Recently, Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray has confirmed that the long awaited PS4 and PC title, No Man?s Sky, has ?Gone Gold?. This announcement means that Hello Games has finished developing the game and is just focusing on making copies and shipping them to the?store shelves. With Hello Games done with developing and possibly focusing on ironing all the bugs for an incoming patch, fans can be assured to get their hands on the game this August.

The No Man?s Sky release date will be on August 9 for US, August 10 for UK, and August 12 for Steam. Here?s the tweet from Sean Murray confirming this announcement.

Previously, Sean Murray vaguely tweeted about ?Things are Happening!? ?in which No Man?s Sky fans reacted by trying to find out what he meant about his announcement. Perhaps, Hello Games was applying finishing touches to the game when Murray started posting vaguely. The game?s Reddit thread has also found a local video game store readying a stall dedicated for the game, so the release schedule may already be confirmed on their side. If this keeps up, the No Man?s Sky?s Release Date will surely have no delays.

Previously, No Man?s Sky was delayed from June to August in order to polish the game. Before the delay announcement, Hello Games and Sean Murray talked and appeared in many showcases and interviews about the game. The game?s procedural generation systems spanned a whole universe and the developers were busy answering questions about the title?s systems and controls. Regardless if Murray?s appearances slowed down the game?s production, the fans are just waiting for the game?s release and still have an extended understanding the hype with the showcases and interviews.

Now that the date is final, fans on Reddit will no longer need to make ?Joon? and ?Awwgust? ?No Man?s Sky Release Date references about the game?s delay. Since the game has just gone gold, the hype may have returned to the title as fans have now been discussing the Gone Gold announcement in a Megathread. The ?Awwgust? status on Reddit also now has the [Au]gust? choice as a sign of the rejuvenation of the hype of the game?s fanbase.

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