No Man?s Sky Release Date Rumor: Speculations Of The Game And What To Expect For Real

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Some are speculating that No Man?s Sky might be launching sooner than we think.

Hello Games? No Man?s Sky has wowed everyone since last year, promising a massive galaxy to discover and explore. Some are predicting that the game will launch at any time, like this month, as some are saying that will be available on October 27.

The speculation started when Hello Games? Sean Murray made an appearance on Stephen Colbert?s late night show where he presented the game on the show. Present a game on live television has indication that the game is near its completion and the best opportunity to announce the release date to heighten the interest of the audience. Unfortunately Sean only stated that the game will be available soon, but it is a hint that it will be available at any moment. Another source that supported the release date was the note from Amazon UK where a user who pre-ordered the game where given a date for the expected shipment of No Man?s Sky, one interesting part there is that on October 27, it is also the same release day for Microsoft?s Halo 5: Guardians, which can be a difficult part for Hello Games to launch No Man?s Sky as it could overshadow its game release.

But with the game still in development for a long time, the interest of the people will start to drop, especially when Sony has invested a lot of money. Letting the targeted consumers wait for a long time can lead to a disastrous effect, the same thing that happened with Duke Nuken Forever and Daikatana which has a long development time, and when it was release, it was given negative reviews due to the flawed state of the game.

Hopefully Hello Games could release No Man?s Sky this year to avoid the same fate from other games with long development time.

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