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No Man’s Sky Release Date: Game Goes Gold This Week?

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No Man's Sky

It has been a while since we have heard anything new about the No Man?s Sky release date. Easily one of the most ambitious games ever made, it?s no wonder why it was delayed from its original June release date. Currently, the developers are pushing for an August release, but fans are wondering when it will go gold and if it will happen this week.

For those unfamiliar with the term, going gold means a game has been completed from start to finish and that the announced release date is pretty much final. Just recently, Sean Murray tweeted out ?things are happening, hinting that the game may have gone gold.

Since no claims have been made about No Man?s Sky release date or it going gold, aside from the vague tweet, it?s easy to assume that the developers are still working hard on the game. Considering how big the expectations for the game are, it is wise for the developers to take as much time as they can to fix whatever bugs have been plaguing the space simulator.

Development time has kept Hello Games from showing off the title at E3, which surprised many fans. Since the game is coming out in August, fans expected some sort of appearance in the huge gaming event, maybe even a playable demo, but none of that happened.

Creature on No Man's Sky

The developers stated that going to the event would have just added more hype for the title, so they decided to stay at the studio and keep working on the game. Considering how big the game is, it will be interesting to see if a demo will ever be released for those who are curious about the title but are not sure if they want to get it.

One question fans have been asking is if the game will live up to the hype when it is released. Some are worried that the space exploration aspect will get boring, while others feel like the combat doesn?t look too exciting. Until the game goes gold, we will have to see if August is truly its final release date, or if it will get delayed again.

The No Man?s Sky release date is currently slated for August 9. It will be available on PS4 and PC.

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