‘No Man?s Sky’ Release Date Delayed? Technical Difficulties Cited, Gameplay Is Confusing?

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The large open-world exploration game, No Man?s Sky, has long been in development and many were pleased when it was finally revealed to have been given a June 2016 release date in their trailer at Paris Games Week 2015. Things, however, doesn?t seem to be going as planned as the game?s development seems to be troubled.

According to Destructoid?s Laura Dale, both the PC and PS4 version is facing technical difficulties, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. Proof of the PS4 issues was that the game wasn?t available for demo in Sony?s event, Dale said.

While the PS4?s DualShock 4 was used in showcasing No Man?s Sky, a PC was always used to run the game. Even the gameplay demo shown at Paris Games Week used a PC to showcase the game, Dale said.

Issues Debunked?

Many seem to be basing their claims on the game?s troubled development from the lack of gameplay showcase. But game director Sean Murray told Eurogamer that they are just managing their fan?s excitement for their creation.

Murray acknowledged that many are still confused just what exactly the game is. ?As it turns out, there?s a good reason for the lack of fanfare,? Eurogamer wrote. ?Hello Games is trying to scale back the rampant sense of hype for No Man?s Sky, replacing It instead with healthy ? and properly contextualized ? levels of excitement.?

Murray also said that players shouldn?t expect the game to be something that does everything, Screen Rant reported. ?This is not an MMO. It?s not a game you sit down and play with your friends? If you want a death match, No Man?s Sky is not for you,? he said.

No Man?s Sky is being developed by Hello Games and it will be released sometime in June for the PS4 and PC. The game features vast open-world gameplay where you can board your starship and set-foot on undiscovered planets, each having their own flaura and fauna.

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