No Man’s Sky Release Date December 2016? ?Don’t Stress,? Says Sean Murray

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No Man's Sky

Has Hello Games pushed back No Man?s Sky release date again? Just recently, an official email from Sony PlayStation indicated another delay saying the game will be released on or before December 31. However, developer Sean Murray assured fans that the game?s August release is still on track, though fans are dubious about it after receiving the email.

On his Twitter account, Murray asked fans to check their PSN mail regarding the pre-order. He shared a screenshot of the PlayStation Store page that reads, ?Your pre-order of No Man?s Sky has a new release date and will now be available on December 31, 2016.? He said, however, that the December 31 release date shown on the image is just a standard procedure whenever a game gets delayed, and that there will be no change in No Man?s Sky release date.

In response to Murray?s Twitter post though, a fan revealed an interesting info regarding the game?s release. According to user @hamlyn1974, the countdown for No Man?s Sky release date has been reset and now shows 204 days and a few hours, which translates into a December 31 release. The user also shared an image to prove his claims.

?Checked my PSN account it doesn’t give a refund option for CDN accounts, clock is now reset to 204 days,? the user said on Twitter. However, in his tweet, Murray said, ?Don?t Stress. No Date Change!?

No Man?s Sky was scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 and PC on June 21, but the UK-based studio confirmed that the game will hit the consoles on August 9 instead. The studio apologized for the delay and started accepting order cancellation/refund requests from fans who invested in the different editions of the game.

Developed by an indie studio, No Man?s Sky has been much hyped since it was announced. Last month, the developers announced that the game would be out in August, and due to the delay, Murray even received death threats. While the PlayStation Store states that the game will be released at the end of the year, fans can only hope that what Murray said about No Man?s Sky release date in August is real.

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